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WhatUGA Offers Students

UGA Student Resources

The University of Georgia is considered by many to be one of the top public universities in the country. With such a stellar reputation, UGA uses its wealth of resources to benefit students so they can have the best college experience possible. It provides students with access to the necessary tools to overcome disabilities, fulfil their dreams of traveling and find apartments in Athens near UGA.

UGA Student Admissions

University of Georgia is known for its academic excellence and all prospective students must prove they are capable of meeting the school’s high standards. Applying freshmen will be assessed based on grades in the five main areas of study, SAT and ACT scores, the number of AP and Honors course taken and involvement in organizations. Students will want to make sure that they turn in their application on time. Dates can be found on the Admissions website. Transfer students will be accepted based on their previous college transcripts and will need to turn in applications by the applicable deadlines. Graduate students will need to submit academic records, letters of recommendation, GRE scores and any additional requirements that are required by the individual program.

University of Georgia Student Housing

After getting accepted into UGA, there are plenty of details for students to sort out. Housing makes a significant impact on the satisfaction of student life. While there are plenty of Athens apartments for rent near UGA, students must take time to find the right one. Thorough research will help you find some of the nicest luxury apartments Athens, GA, has to offer. At 909 Broad Street, for instance, each unit comes with spacious individual rooms, all of the necessary appliances and a 48-inch Flat Screen Smart TV.

Cultural Programs at the University of Georgia

UGA believes that education for students should extend beyond the classroom. Accordingly, the university encourages students to engage with the world on a global level through studying abroad, on-campus cultural events and interacting with international students.

International Programs

International Student Life hopes to assist international students as they acclimate to living and going to school in the United States. It offers an International Student Orientation and encourages students to seek counseling services if they experience culture shock. International Student Life also provides resources that help students obtain a Georgia driver’s license and banking information. Some international students may prefer to live on campus, but living in UGA student apartments allow them to fully immerse themselves in the local culture. Luxury apartments in Athens, Georgia also provide many more amenities than on-campus options. 909 Broad Street offers a game room, resort-style pool and a study lounge, while being in walking distance of campus.

Festivals & Entertainment

Even if students are unable to travel across the world during their time in college, UGA wants to bring this experience to campus. International Education Week is a week dedicated to increasing global awareness. Various speakers come to discuss different issues and events hosted by international student organizations to celebrate cultures. The International Street Festival is another event hosted every year. This festival uses colorful exhibits and spirited performances to interest students and those in the community in other cultures. International Coffee Hour is also well known for bringing faculty and students together for fruitful discussions while enjoying international cuisines.  

Student Health Resources at UGA

With more than 35,000 enrolled students, the faculty at UGA understand that each student will have varied needs. In order to ensure that every student feels supported, multiple services are available to all students.

Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

CAPS recognizes the diverse student body and strives to be supportive of students’ mental health and academic goals. It offers group counseling, individual and couples counseling,  emergency crisis intervention, psychiatric services and referrals for long term mental health support. Students can visit the UHC Patient Portal to set up an initial appointment or in emergency situations, staff are on call.

Disability Resource Center

University of Georgia seeks to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed regardless of any disabilities. The Disability Resource Center offers a wide variety of services including campus transit for those who have difficulty getting around campus, notetakers and digital content, which can be easily adjusted for those who have poor vision.

Take Advantage of UGA Resources

Though it may not seem like it now, the college years come and go quickly. In order to make the most out of the experience, students should make sure they take advantage of everything the University of Georgia and the city of Athens has to offer. Students should make memories in their apartments near UGA, meet international students and not hesitate to ask for help from CAPS.

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