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Choosing where you are going to live is not an easy decision, but that doesn’t mean that you should settle. Do not pick the first UGA housing option that you visit just because it’s easiest. Instead, take time to find the apartment that will suit you and your roommates best. After all, you will be spending a large quantity of your time in your new apartment so it should be a place that you enjoy spending time and feel comfortable in. Luxury apartments may be the answer to your problem because they provide you with all of the resources necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

National Trend of Luxury Student Apartments

Many students grow up hearing stories about bad experiences in small dorm rooms and crazy roommates. While these experiences may lead to funny anecdotes, they would be quite miserable to live with on a day to day basis. Today, college students have access to much more money than the generation before them. This allows students to select apartments in Athens, GA, that will provide much more than the bare minimum. In response, there has been a significant increase in the number of luxury apartments being built for students. With more options, students are refusing cramped dorms and shabby apartments in order to choose luxury apartments instead, which promotes a well balanced lifestyle.

Benefits of Luxury Student Living

Luxury apartments in Athens, GA, provide students with the tools they need to succeed in each aspect of life including academics, relationships and health.

Academically Focused Atmosphere

Student apartments near UGA obviously have a large number of students. Therefore, luxury apartments make it a priority to provide resources that will help students succeed in their classes. Many housing options offer computer labs with access to computers and high-speed Internet ideal for when you need a change of scenery or a break from your roommates. Others also provide free printing services and private study areas so you can get the peace you need in order to finish your group project or assignment. 909 Broad Street has a 24-hour computer lab that is perfect for all night study sessions during finals week.

Exciting Social Activities

Though amenities vary between luxury student apartment complexes, there are several consistencies such pools and clubhouses. For example, 909 Broad has a resort-style pool with a sundeck and outdoor grilling stations. This area is perfect for inviting friends over for a fun time or a great way to study while also working on your tan. Clubhouses are also prevalent among luxury student living options. Frequently, they are equipped with a variety of activities including foosball and billiards. With flat-screen TVs, you can enjoy the UGA football games and meet other residents.

Prime Location

There is nothing more frustrating than a long, agonizing commute every day. True luxury apartments should be located close enough to campus so that you can walk. 909 Broad is only three blocks from the University of Georgia campus. Not only will you not have to worry about a long commute, but it will not take you long to get to class, which is perfect for mornings when you accidentally wake up late. We also have a large parking garage with one space available to each resident. Parking near campus can be stressful, but our free spaces make parking a breeze.

Exercise Resources

Your body needs consistent cardio and strength training to remain healthy. Studies also show that regular physical activity decreases depression, increases your ability to focus and improves your ability to remember new information. Luxury apartments help students by providing the latest exercise equipment to encourage students to work out. With free access to a facility so close to your front door, you have even more of an incentive to maintain a consistent routine than if you had to go to a crowded student gym on campus. 909 Broad recently renovated the fitness center providing residents with 24 hour access, TVs and surround sound to make your exercise experience as enjoyable as possible.

Advanced Security Measures

One of the most important factors every student should consider when selecting their new Athens, GA, apartments is security. If you do not feel safe in your apartment for whatever reason, you will not be able to get the rest and relaxation you need to keep up with your heavy course load. Any quality luxury apartment complex will ensure that the most advanced technology is being used. 909 Broad uses controlled access to our community and security cameras. We also provide a nightwatch seven nights a week and on-site courtesy officers as well if you ever need assistance.

Premier Apartment Units

Regardless of how nice the amenities are, your satisfaction of your UGA housing will be dependent on your individual living space. Luxury apartments offer all of the nicest features so that your college apartment becomes your new home. You can enjoy a gourmet kitchen with stainless steel appliances, 48-inch Flat Screen Smart TV  in your living room and a full sized washer and dryer in each unit. With large, open common areas and spacious bedrooms, your apartment will be ideal for hosting friends or for seeking precious alone time.  

Luxury Apartments in Athens, GA

Once students realize that luxury student apartments significantly improve the college lifestyle, they will understand that dorms and other off campus student apartments can’t compare. However, it is also important to note that not all luxury apartments are the same. 909 Broad Street provides all of the features commonly found in luxury student living but also provides other unique amenities. For example 909 Broad is a pet friendly facility so you don’t have to part with your furry best friend. Further, we are environmentally conscious so we offer a recycling center for students who wish to live a green lifestyle. Contact our office today for a tour.

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