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LivingGreen Guide for Students

Student Guide to Living Green in Athens, GA

There are a variety of misconceptions associated with environmentally friendly living that may keep you from implementing green habits. People believe that in order to be eco-friendly, you must undertake a variety of expensive and time-consuming processes, which may deter college students who have busy schedules and live on a budget. However, these stereotypes are false. Not only are there plenty of simple steps you can take, but some practices will actually save you money.

Go Green in Your Athens Student Apartments

Are you looking to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle? Take advantage of your transition into your new Athens student housing by implementing these green habits into your college living experience.

Purchase or Make Your Own Green Cleaning Products

Don’t forget to consider the environment while you are cleaning your apartment. Standard cleaning products contain many harsh toxins, but there are green alternatives. Most mainstream grocery stores sell non-toxic, biodegradable products. If you have a tight budget, consider making your own cleaners. Combine water, white vinegar and rubbing alcohol for a glass cleaner or mix water, rubbing alcohol, natural dish soap and peppermint essential oil together for an all purpose cleaner (other than glass).

Minimize Energy Consumption

In order for us to use electricity, fossil fuels must be burned releasing carbon into the air. Therefore, to limit the amount of energy that is used in student housing, Athens residents should create mild temperatures within their units. In the summer, raising the temperature two degrees and lowering the temperature by two degrees in the winter will greatly lower your consumption. Additionally, students should unplug electronics when not in use. Even if they are powered off, electronics will continue to absorb electricity.

Reduce Amount of Wasted Paper

One of the other ways you can reduce your carbon footprint is to limit the amount of paper you have. Though you will need to take notes for all of your courses, record them on your computer rather than in a spiral notebook. This may also help you to become more organized. Instead of letting receipts pile up at the bottom of your purse or bookbag, ask the cashier to email it electronically if possible. Make sure that you also go online and unsubscribe from all of the companies that send you junk mail and advertisements. When you do have paper that you need to dispose of, recycle it. There are multiple different drop-off recycling locations in Athens depending on where you live.

Use Public Transportation

Though it may be tempting to drive your car to campus, cars consume an abundance of gas, which is both expensive and harmful to the environment. Instead, there are plenty of alternative ways to get to class. Consider walking or riding your bike if you live in student apartments near UGA. As an added bonus to reducing your carbon footprint, you will also get much needed exercise. If it is too rainy, have no fear! Athens has a bus system that will transport you to 909 Broad Street and other apartment complexes. While buses also consume gasoline, you are effectively carpooling with 20 other students at a time.

Live Green at 909 Broad Street in Athens, GA

When you are looking at the luxury apartments Athens has to offer, be sure to consider how your choice will facilitate your environmentally conscious lifestyle. 909 Broad Street, for example, has a recycling center on the property. We are also one of the closest Athens, Georgia apartments near UGA, so you can easily walk on foot to class. Contact our office today to schedule a tour of our spacious units and luxurious amenities.

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